Working at Melistics
We’re happy if you’re happy.
We’re crazy about great client reviews, people telling us we’re the best and expanding our business quickly. But what really drives us – is helping people. Whether that’s helping someone we’ve just placed in a company, an IT professional looking for a new opportunity, a client fill a vital role within their company – helping people is what makes our job so rewarding.
We learn to keep our clients and members on the top of their game.
Here at Melistics we maintain a go-getter attitude. This translates into us always wanting to learn and strive to become better versions of ourselves. All of our team members share that same work ethic and our continuous training ensures that you get the most out of what an IT staffing company can offer.
What we offer.
We take care of our employees and strive to create a working environment where you have the freedom to explore your ideas and fulfil your potential.
One of the best things about working at Melistics is the close-knit community. I feel very supported by the team. I also enjoy the benefits of working from home. The environment within the company is very laid back, making for a great environment.
We found what we love doing, hence we don’t really feel like working.
As long as you love your job, you’ll never feel like working. That’s a saying that suits us perfectly. No boredom, no exhaustion, no ‘I don’t want to go to work today’. With the passion of helping people at the core of our company, any challenges or tough moments can be overcome easily.
Give back to the community.
We understand the importance of helping, guiding and improving the community. The best part is that it also makes us feel great so whenever we have the chance, we get involved in social responsibility projects. We truly believe in the powerful, positive change the communities can bring and we want to be part of this.
Find the right career today.
If you are an IT professional looking to start a new journey in your career, and willing to switch from the usual l 9-to-5 office hours, we’d like to meet you!
Hire talent