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Why choose Melistics?
In this fast paced century, finding and keeping talent can be quite challenging for all companies - small, medium or large.

We are a young agency but we’re expanding our business quickly through trusted partnerships and successful projects. Our idea from day one has been to help businesses succeed, with fast and reliable staffing solutions. To do this, we partner with our clients, bringing transparency of costs, accessibility of our team and an extensive network of professionals.

Good solutions and good relationships start with great collaboration. We’re always excited to kick off a new journey, learn about you, find the people you need and onboard them onto your project - all in time and with a smile on our face.
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Benefits of working with a staffing agency.
Whether it’s a tailored recruitment project, or sourcing talent in our current network – we can help you with that! We will find together the best route to your full, engaged teams, and build in collaboration everything you need in order to accomplish your projects.

Our people make the difference. They are well-trained and committed to helping you find the top talent, quickly and efficiently. You’ll gain more time, as the time-to-fill a position is dramatically reduced. Our vast database can help extend reach beyond your immediate network of potential talent, allowing you access to a greater pool of untapped resources and potential providers. Outsourcing the IT recruitment to us is also cost-effective, as it would cost you more if you would do the recruitment in-house.

You’ll also benefit from increased employee retention and reduced turnaround times.You’ll have the chance to assess the performance and working style of the sourced employees, without actually having to take them on permanent roles, leaving less space for risky situations. Also, working with us will help you during seasonal peaks, when you only need project-based resources, quickly.
Software Developers Placement
Permanent and temporary staffing of Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack Developers.
Quality Assurance Engineers Placement
Permanent and temporary staffing of QA engineers with skills developed in manual and automation testing, reporting, and Continuous Integration (CI).
Skills & Technical Stack
Our network contains a wide spectrum of professionals specialized in various software development languages and technologies. Depending on your project and the software development language needed, you can easily browse the profiles with the best fit.
The screening process
Every member in our network goes through a rigorous screening process. Our aim is to find great problem solvers with passion and drive — the type of people we want to work with ourselves. During screening we analyze their communication & language skills , their soft and hard skills as well as the ability to work well in a team.

Language & Personality. We start-off with a comprehensive language, personality, and communication assessment interview. During this first stage of the screening process we determine the capacity to read, write and speak English. We also determine the personality type, as it’s very important for the new member of the team to be compatible with the others and engage in a positive manner.

Technical Assessment. We then check the technical knowledge, prioritize skills by level of specialty and experience, and ask the interviewees to take the technical tests.

Live Screening. The candidates are asked to take some live exercises that cover the primary domain of expertise.

Real-world Tests. We will assign a test to each candidate, to see how they would behave in a real-world scenario. The test normally takes 1-3 weeks and we’re looking to check the candidate’s competence, as well as integrity, teamwork and communication skills.

Ongoing Reviews. In the first months after the onboarding, we will check with you if you’re happy with the new employees, check the level of integration and satisfaction.
The onboarding process.
We will take time to fully understand your company procedures and environment, so that we can assist you during the onboarding process. Regardless of you working before with remote talents or not, we are here to help.
Each talent at Melistics has a proven track record!
We are problem-solvers who value integrity, and top companies rely on us for their most important projects.
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