Quality Assurance Engineers
If you have a final product, before you go-live with it, you’d want to check whether it meets all requirements. Any issue can lead to unhappy clients and less business, so our software quality assurance engineers work closely with all departments to make sure you have piece of mind that all is working according to the plan.
Evgeni is invaluable to project success. He catches issues quickly, communicates well with developers, and adds to a good work atmosphere. I love working with him!
We are context-driven.
Every client is unique – you have specific projects, requirements and ideas and we’d like to know more about them. When you choose us, you choose a team that listens to you and tailors software to your needs.

We want to understand what challenges you’re facing Based on that we choose the most suitable people and recruitment mechanisms. provide you with the shortlisted talents that can help you deliver on time, on budget and with needed quality.
Our QA Engineers are specialized in the following areas.
Functional Testing - The Quality Assurance Engineers check if each function of the software application operates in conformance with the requirements specification. Project documentation is created and maintained, in order for the QA to test mainline functions, basic usability, accessibility and error conditions.

Performance Testing - This testing includes checking a program’s speed, scalability and stability. Having these in mind, The QAs check how the system behaves under different types of loads, what are the limitations, and how reliable is the software built.

Integration Testing - Is done to see if the modules/components that are being integrated work as expected (to test the modules which are working fine individually don’t have any issues when integrated). The main principle the QAs follow is to integrate/combine the unit tested modules one by one and test the behavior as a combined unit. Depending on the type of project you have, the QAa can test your product/program at different levels.

Acceptance Testing - The aim of this test is to assess the system’s compatibility with the business requirements and evaluate whether it is acceptable for delivery. Testing is done using the acceptance criteria, determined in advance.

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