Simple, transparent, predictable pricing.
We give you great value for money. Our pricing is straight-forward — you get to work with talents on an hourly, part-, or full- time basis, for a fixed fee on a monthly basis. No hidden fees.

If you choose to work with a talent for a specific commitment, but you haven’t allocated any work to them in the contracted period of time, we will still charge you 70% of the agreed commitment fee in order to protect talent earnings.
Additional savings.
Beyond our competitive monthly pricing, with us you don’t have to worry about managing benefits, stock options, vacation time, unemployment, termination hassle, paperwork, recruiting time and expenses, etc. We take care of all these details.
Permanent Placement.
If you prefer to directly hire candidates, we will incur a fifteen percent (15%) commission calculated from the gross annual salary of the candidate. Fee is due within 30 days of the new employee’s start date.
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What your fees pay for .
Normal companies aren’t always 100% honest about their fees and profits. We believe in radical transparency. Across our business globally, this is what your fees pay for.

10% Offices and other overheads
14% Operations and customer support teams
18% Building and improving
19% Margin and growing
39% Partners and money-moving costs
Avg Hourly Rates for Offshore Development

Business Analyst ~ 25-35 EUR
Architect ~ 40-95 EUR
Project Manager ~ 28-45 EUR
Junior Developer ~ 20-30 EUR
Mid-Level Developer ~ 35-45 EUR
Senior Developer ~ 35-60 EUR
Lead Developer ~ 40-70 EUR
Junior QA ~ 15-25 EUR
Mid-Level QA ~ 20-40 EUR
Senior QA ~ 27-50 EUR
Graphic Designer/UX ~ 25-70 EUR
Our three principles.
Be radically transparent.
Normal companies aren't always 100% honest about their fees and profits. We believe in having nothing to hide.
Charge as little as possible.
Normal companies charge as much as they can get away with. We believe in upside-down pricing.
Make it simple, make it instant.
Normal companies make you pay more for 'premium' stuff. We believe the best-possible should be standard.
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